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9 Nov 2016

Read some great reviews for 'I Swear I Flew'

There's been some great reviews for the soon-to-be-released album 'I Swear I Flew' - Check them out below and then preorder your copy on iTunes!

Music riot 'A stunningly powerful and beautiful piece of work packed with ethereal and evocative songs...A potent cocktail, mixing up influences from the great late twentieth century American songwriters with twists of Celtic and English folk styles. It’s all blended perfectly to create a confection that feels smooth on the surface but has plenty of bite underneath. ★★★★★'

Read the full Music Riot eview here -

FATEA Magazine - Paul Simon at his best would be proud...' 

Read the full review from FATEA Magazine here -

From The Margins "An exceptional songwriter and musician... The second Winter Mountain album is the sound of a project still in understated, majestic flight"

Read the full From The Margins review here -

NE:MM Magazine 'Joe is able to take listeners on a journey...The arrangements and playing are superb...' 

Read the full NE:MM review here -

Save The Orphange Blog 'An Album of it’s time but equally classic. Winter Mountain have evolved.'

Read the full review from the Save The Orphanage Blog here -



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